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Fast and professional bicycle repair services

— Tune up Packages —

-BBI certified mechanics- 48 hour turn around guarantee

The advanced tune $150

In addition to everything included in the basic offering we replace all the shift and brake cables and housing on the bike. Bicycles with hydraulic systems will have the fluid replaced in addition to any new cables being installed. Those who are familiar with their machine will know that the cables are the central nervous system of the bike. With their performance compromised, the rest of the bike fails to perform. This tune option is recommended for high mileage riders or for bicycles that have been in storage for several years.

The Basic Tune $75

Using techniques developed from experience at Barnett’s Bicycle Institute our technicians inspect and adjust every aspect of your bicycle. Included in this tuning option we will:

  • True and tension wheels

  • Adjust front and rear derailleurs

  • Adjust front and rear brakes

  • Inspect all bearings, bolts, and ensure proper torque

  • Wash and detail bicycle including drivetrain degreasing

  • Lubricate all moving parts and cables


—  Repair Services  —

-BBI certified mechanics- 48 hour turn around guarantee- 15 minute flat repair guarantee



—  Rear Derailleur Adjust —
hanger alignment, limits, indexing

—  Front Derailleur Adjust —
cage alignment, limits, indexing

—  Shift Cable Install  —
cable, install, adjustment


—  Cable Brake Adjustment  —
pad alignment, cable tension, all brake types

—  Hydraulic Brake Bleed  —
fluid replaced, pads aligned, second brake half price

—  Brake Cable Install  —
cable, Install, adjustment


—  Minor Wheel True  —
lateral and radial truing, tension checked

—  Spoke Replacement  —
spoke replaced, wheel trued

—  Wheel Build  —
lacing, tensioning, lifetime truing


On The Spot Flat Replacement
$15 tube included

ADDITIONAL services available- Free estimates